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2022 Wedding Trends

As we are nearing June, it marks the middle of 2022. In a post pandemic society, we have seen many new trends pop up since weddings have made a full comeback. One of the many trends we’ve seen that has not been seen before is an untraditional guest book table. I’m sure our parents and grandparents have their gust book from their wedding that all their loved and adored guests signed to help them remember who celebrated with them on their special day. In all honesty, how many times will you be looking through your guest book in the years to come after your wedding? Chances are that they will be slim. If you are within the generation that appreciates having something to remember virtually apart from a wedding video your photographer or videographer took then you will appreciate this new wedding trend. Audio guest book! Yes, you read that right. It is a new way for you to be able to record your guests who attended your wedding and hear personalized messages they leave for you and your spouse on your wedding days. There are several companies in the wedding industry that allow you to rent a stylish vintage telephone for your guests to use and leave you personalized messages the night of your wedding. After they will be downloaded and sent to you so that you are able to have and listen to post wedding. It is a cool and unique new way to be able to listen to your guests and what they sound like and have as a keepsake to look back on that you will appreciate hearing their voices and their sweet messages. So, ditch those boring guest books and rent a stylish vintage telephone as your guest’s book and guarantee it will be the talk of your wedding. A cool and new unique way to break traditional wedding barriers and have something you’ll cherish forever. 

Written By: MC Esquerra, Event Coordinator

Links to audio guest books: https://www.fetefone.com/




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