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Outdoor Wedding in 110 degrees.

So why would anyone want to have an outdoor wedding in 110 degrees? How would you keep it comfortable for your guests? What are some ways to mitigate the heat?  There are various reason to have your wedding in these months. One would be it’s easier to get a Saturday at your favorite venue. Many … Read more

Horse & Carriage for your Wedding in Tucson

A Horse & Carriage for your wedding in Tucson is a great way to make your special day perfect. It is not only fun, great for photos, but makes a beautiful and exciting entrance for your wedding ceremony. It is also great for the kids who can take a ride after the ceremony. Sentinel Carriage … Read more

Backlighting Your Wedding Photos

Backlighting your Wedding Photos

Backlighting your Wedding Photos adds a great effect to the photos. It’s just cool. The outlines, the shadows, the drama, the effect, just give the photos a new detention. Backlighting your wedding photos simple means having a flash behind the subject being photographed. When interviewing a photographer see if they have the equipment and experience … Read more

Outdoor Evening Reception in Tucson

Outdoor receptions at night can be a wonderful experience in Tucson. Our weather is fantastic, our views are gorgeous, and unlike other parts of the country, we have few bugs and mosquito.  Nothing is more frustrating that getting eaten up by bugs. There are several factors that need to be kept in mind when considering this … Read more

Outdoor Cocktail Hour & Receptions in Tucson

Doing an outdoor cocktail hour in February by the Reflecting pond at Saguaro Buttes  in Tucson is not a bad way to spend the time.  We recently upgraded the lighting and added some new features to this area at Saguaro Buttes that makes this an attractive location for both cocktail hour and outdoor receptions. So … Read more

Our Wonderful Staff at Saguaro Buttes

It has been a joy to work with our wonderful staff at Saguaro Buttes. This photo was taken at our Christmas Party on December 17th 2014. Several people were not able to make it, but we had a wonderful meal and had fun exchanging gifts. Each year we have this event for our staff and select vendors … Read more