Average Cost of a Wedding

Recently “The Knot” published this report on the average cost of a wedding today.  Different markets differ from other markets, (i.e. New York and Chicago, will be much higher than Tucson) Some of the costs will vary quite a bit depending on the taste of the Bride and groom.  But one of the advantages other … Read more

April Flowers at Saguaro Buttes

This last month, (April) the flowers came alive at Saguaro Buttes. With white, yellow, red, pink, and purple roses, along with the yellow blooming Palo Verde trees, the place is alive with color. These photos were taken on April 26th, 2012

Yellow Rose in Tucson

Rose Bushes are Beginning to Bloom

The Roses are Starting to Bloom!!!!  It is one of my favorite times as the place comes to life with color after the months of winter. March is the month that the Roses start to bloom at Saguaro Buttes. This winter has been,  a very mild winter compared to last year. As a result the … Read more

Shaded Ceremony Site

This photo was taken on February 10, 2012 as wedding guests were gathering for a wedding scheduled for 4:30 PM. The wedding actually began about 4:45 PM. This shows how the ceremony location is shaded by the reception building at Saguaro Buttes, which makes it comfortable during warm days to enjoy the outdoors without the … Read more

Tucson Sunset in February

Tucson has by far some of the most beautiful sunsets, and at Saguaro Buttes we have the perfect view to get some of the best pictures of these sunsets. The sunset pictured above was taken on Feb. 6th, 2012 at about 6:20 pm. If you desire to have sunset photos as a backdrop in your … Read more

Saguaro Buttes, Past, Present and Future

“Wow, every-time I come to Saguaro Buttes there is something new, it just keeps getting better and better.”  This is a comment we hear often at Saguaro Buttes. If you have not visited Saguaro Buttes in the last couple years, you will be presently surprised when you do come to visit and you will will notice … Read more

November Sunsets

November has been a wonderful month for colorful Sunsets at Saguaro Buttes. This year has been one of the better years. The photo above was taken on November 30th.  You can see more Photos of some of the recent Sunsets at Saguaro Buttes on Facebook.

Wedding Wire Reviews

If you’re interested in reading some recent reviews posted on Wedding Wire regarding Saguaro Buttes (click here). We work hard to make your special day, special, and we take pride in doing the best we can possibly do to take care of even the littlest details.