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January Wedding In Tucson

January can be one of the most beautiful months to have a wedding in Tucson. The weather can be very mild, with temperatures in the low 70’s, as it was in the wedding with Becca and Ken on January 7th. pictured here, with this picture taken around 4:45 PM with the sun setting and the … Read more

Having a Friend Perform your Wedding

Krisi Geier & Christopher Wagnon were married at Saguaro Buttes on January 2nd by a close friend, Nixon, who did a wonderful job of performing the wedding ceremony and also adding a little humor to it. (He used quotes from Dr. Suess, Green Eggs and Ham) Having a friend or relative perform your wedding ceremony … Read more

Wedding Vows done in a Different way

Here below are wedding vows that are done in a little different way, in that the Bride and Groom answer at the same time “We do” instead of individually “I Do”. Also the bride and groom do not have to repeat a set of vows but rather acknowledge their agreement of those vows that they … Read more

Renewing your Wedding Vows

Liza & Steve Corral have a tradition of renewing their vows on their wedding anniversary followed by an elegant dinner at one of Tucson’s finest. This year they had their vow renewal at Saguaro Buttes. This was a very simple ceremony with just the two of them. Many couples enjoy doing a more elaborate ceremony … Read more

Traditional Wedding Vows

There are literally hundreds of different wedding vows one can select now-a-days. Yet many people still prefer the Traditional wedding vows, which are short, and to the point. Traditional Vows I, _______ take thee ________ to be my wedded wife?husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, … Read more

Balls of Flowers

A nice way to add color and personalize the outdoor wedding ceremony site is shown here. The bride placed the beautiful dual colored balls all along both sides of the aisle of chairs placed on the grass. The groom, attendants and finally the bride all walked between the rows of flowers, to the front where … Read more

“On Love” by Thomas A. Kempis

Love is what makes the world go around, as the song says. It is the reason why most people get married. Below is a reading about love, read at weddings, written by Thomas A. Kempis who lived from 1380 to 1471. He was a monk who never married but understood the power of love. On … Read more

Ceremony from a distance

This picture was taken from a different angle than usual using a zoom lens, of a wedding ceremony in progress at Saguaro Buttes. It was taken from the front of the building, on the North side, standing on the handicapped walk way. It gives an interesting vantage point, and a stunning view. If you click … Read more