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“Love is Friendship Caught Fire”

A popular reading for wedding ceremonies is, “Love is Friendship Caught Fire”, by Laura Hendricks. It is a wonderful reading used quite often, and the wording is given below. The photo to the right was taken at Saguaro Buttes by Ivory Orchid. Love is Friendship Caught Fire “Love is friendship caught fire; it is quiet, … Read more

History of the Unity Candle

Unity Candles are a popular addition to wedding ceremonies. It is a relatively recent tradition that dates back about 30 to 40 years ago, and may go back as far as the 1930’s. Television has had an influence on this ceremony as it gained some popularity when the widely watched TV soup opera, “General Hospital” … Read more

The Parent’s Blessing During Tucson Wedding

Having your parents blessing is a great way to start your marriage. On Sept. 19th, at Saguaro Buttes the bride and groom had their parents come forward at the beginning of the ceremony to give a blessing to their children. It was a very touching expression of love and support. Alternative to Father giving away … Read more

Honor Guard at Tucson Wedding

Laura Doser and Jeff Pinsonneault were married at Saguaro Buttes in Tucson on September 9th, 2008. It was a beautiful ceremony that included the Air Force Honor Guard. Jeff is a Chief Master Sergeant with over 25 years of service to our country.

“Benediction of the Apaches”

A popular reading for wedding ceremonies is called “Benediction of the Apaches” . Sometimes I suggest this heartfelt reading for those who do not wish for a prayer in their ceremony. These words contain a desire to fulfill the needs of each other, and although we will feel loneliness at times even after marriage, that … Read more

Unity Candle

The Unity Candle is a timeless tradition which many brides still hold dear. This ceremony consists of the bride and groom each taking a taper which has been previously lit and simultaneously lighting a third larger “Unity Candle” to symbolize the joining of their lives. A suggestion for outdoor weddings, use a shroud or a … Read more

“Blessing of The Hands”

I have performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies and one of my favorite passages to use during the ceremony is called, “Blessing of the Hands”. This holds a very romantic and powerful message to the bride and groom. Customarily I have couples face each other, usually right before they repeat their vows and I have them … Read more

Writing Your Vows

One of the trends for weddings today is writing your own vows. It has been a trend for sometime, and I personally encourage it when I meet with couples. I think it helps them focus on their new relationship and not just the wedding day festivities. I like to add a twist to it though, … Read more