Outdoor Wedding Receptions in Tucson

An outdoor wedding receptions in Tucson can be a beautiful experience. At Saguaro Buttes we have a couple beautiful locations to have a wonderful outdoor reception but there are a few things to keep in mind when having your reception outdoors. First weather is always the biggest concern. In Tucson the best time for outdoor weddings is from March … Read more

Outdoor Wedding in 110 degrees.

So why would anyone want to have an outdoor wedding in 110 degrees? How would you keep it comfortable for your guests? What are some ways to mitigate the heat?  There are various reason to have your wedding in these months. One would be it’s easier to get a Saturday at your favorite venue. Many … Read more

Video Game Theme Wedding

Many weddings have a theme for their decor, and it is interesting to see the various ideas couples come up with. Christine and Max chose a “Video Game” theme for their wedding day on October 19th. 2013 at Saguaro Buttes. Not only did they have each table marked with various popular video game names, but … Read more

Wedding Day Disasters

Wedding Day Disasters are a lot of fun to watch, but not so much to live or have happen at your wedding. Recently I ran across this webpage that was full of video clips of Wedding Day Disasters.  It is amazing how many things can and do go wrong at weddings.   The questions a lot of … Read more

Ideas for Wedding Favors

Favors – The small gift everyone loves to get at weddings. Many brides are unsure of what their favors should be. My advice, don’t spend too much on them! It is just a small thank you for your guests. Plus you have to buy multiples! You can’t go wrong with candy as a favor. Everyone … Read more

Tucson Monsoon Season and Your Wedding

Tucson Monsoon season usually begins around the 4th of July and lasts through Labor Day.  It can start as early as mid June, and go into September, but the normal seems to be July and August. It brings some beautiful clouds, cooler temperatures and much needed moisture to the dessert. For Weddings in Tucson it … Read more