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Crested Saguaro at Saguaro Buttes


The Saguaro Cacti are unique and only grow in the Sonoran Desert. These stately cacti are a site to behold as the landscape is dotted with Saguaros much like a forest with trees.

A Few Facts:

These cacti are very slow growing and it generally takes about 150 years to reach its full height.

They sprout their first arms around 50-70 years, then have a variety of arms growing in many directions.

A mature Saguaro can weigh more than 6 tons and an average lifespan can be 150-170 years, however biologists believe that some may live for over 200 years.

Saguaro Buttes in East Tucson, has many of these majestic giants around the property.

Crested Saguaros

A crested saguaro is an anomaly to the cactus world. There is no real answer to why the cacti become crested but a few of theories are; it is malformed due to unusual development, it is a genetic mutation, or as a result of a lightening strike or freeze damage, causing a strange growth pattern in the main ribs. Even when saguaros grow in their normal form, they rarely grow symmetrically. In the crested saguaro, the growing tip will produce a fan-like form as if reaching for the sun.

Crested saguaros occur in less than one of every 200-thousand saguaros and are protected by state law. We feel very privileged to have our very own crested saguaro at Saguaro Buttes and as you come up the driveway stop to check it out. It will be on your left as you come into the property, take some pictures to show your family and friends.

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