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Ideas about your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

Your ring bearer and flower girl will definitely steal the show, until YOU walk down the aisle of course.
Having a ring bearer and flower girl are fun traditions to lighten up the very serious walk down the aisle. Many brides choose their own kids to be in the wedding, nieces and nephews, or even a best friend’s child or children. Including these kids in the wedding makes the wedding even more special.
You will typically see one flower girl and one ring bearer but now multiple flower girls and multiple ring bearers with different tasks such as carrying a sign Here comes the bride, Here comes your girl or the ring bearer pulling a wagon with the flower girl sitting in it (as pictured the bride got creative and used her Cinderella theme) are becoming more popular.
These day’s brides are getting creative with their little ones walking down the aisle. Many still use the tradition of one flower girl throwing petals from a basket and the ring bearer carrying a small pillow with real/fake rings but are even getting creative with the pillow and basket, incorporating their theme into these small details. ┬áby Natalie Mooney

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