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Ideas for Wedding Favors


Favors – The small gift everyone loves to get at weddings.
Many brides are unsure of what their favors should be. My advice, don’t spend too much on them! It is just a small thank you for your guests. Plus you have to buy multiples!
You can’t go wrong with candy as a favor. Everyone loves candy!  How you choose to display them depends on your theme or colors of your wedding. Whether you want the candy to be color coordinated or  the  box candy is displayed in.
The “Candy Station” is now a popular form of favors for your guests. Guests help themselves to a variety of candy the bride has displayed and fill their own bags.
Here are a few Unique Favors we have seen here at Saguaro Buttes for the Bride looking for something different.

Key Chain/Bottle Opener –

To make it unique, one bride chose a bottle opener in the shape of a snowboard to incorporate the bride and grooms love for snowboarding.

Mini Jars of Jam/Jelly

One bride chose Prickly Pear Jam to go with her theme of the Desert.

Seashell Candles for the women and mini sand pails with life savers for the men –

A beach themed wedding but choosing gender based so everyone gets something they like.

Mini Jars of Homemade Salsa

The bride shows her talent in cooking Plus everyone loves a gift that’s edible!

Burned CDs of the bride and grooms favorite songs

Very unique and who doesn’t love music?

Custom made coasters with the Bride and Grooms wedding date/picture/ or picture of wedding theme

Very practical and an everyday use in a home!

Playing Cards with the Bride & Groom’s photo on the front –

Donate the money you have budgeted for favors to a charity

Brides have given guests thank you cards stating in lieu of favors, a donation has been made to xxx charity. You can never go wrong with having a giving and gracious heart!
If you want your favors to be different, unique, and special, be creative but practical! Try to think of something everyone will love. Incorporate your theme, your color scheme, something you and your fiancee both love, or even career/job based for the bride and groom. Find your inner crafty side and create favors yourself! (This will save you money too!) Happy Favor Planning! – by Natalie Mooney

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