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Managing Wedding Day Expectations

Managing Wedding Day ExpectationsThere is no such things as the perfect wedding. People are human and things happen. It is better to approach your wedding day, with the expectations that not everything will go as planned. I know that you are not suppose to say that, but there are so many things that are variables. People gets lost on the way to the wedding and come late, weather can change, accidents happen, unforeseen things popup, something breaks, people get sick, cars break down, and the list goes on. I love the movie “The Father of the Bride” which perfectly illustrates in a humorous way some of the many things that can happen at a wedding. I have often said it is the unexpected things that don’t go as planned that make the wedding special, it will be what you remember and laugh at years from now.

Over 25 years as pastor I have been a part of hundreds and hundreds of weddings and have seen just about everything. A swarm of thousands and thousands of bees descend on the wedding site during the middle of the ceremony. An fatal accident happening just a mile from the wedding site that closes the one road to the ceremony site an hour before the ceremony. Ring bearers running the wrong way, to bridesmaids passing out during the ceremony.Go with the flow, and realize that you will have a special night no matter what happens if you keep the right attitude.Learn to laugh at yourself. Having a sense of humor is important, this is a time of family and fun, and that is what is important.Expect the unexpected.

No matter how much you plan, realize that things will happen beyond your control.

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