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Outdoor Wedding Receptions in Tucson

An outdoor wedding receptions in Tucson can be a beautiful experience. At Saguaro Buttes we have a couple beautiful locations to have a wonderful outdoor reception but there are a few things to keep in mind when having your reception outdoors. First weather is always the biggest concern. In Tucson the best time for outdoor weddings is from March through October. July and August can be iffy with the monsoon weather and heat.  It is important to have a back up plan in case of bad weather. Secondly, outdoor weddings will usually end sooner for a couple of reasons, one being the noise ordinances for outside weddings limit playing music no later than 10pm. especially if it is loud, so the DJ will have to end by 10 pm. Also evenings can be much cooler in Tucson and even with outdoor space heaters it can be hard keep it warm enough for some guests. Thirdly it can be a little more costly as you may need to rent stuff that is normally included in inside venues, like dance floors, Porte potties, etc.  With all that said, and outdoor weddings can be a wonderful experience.

Outdoor Reception by the Reflecting Pond
Outdoor Reception by the Reflecting Pond


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