The Parent’s Blessing During Tucson Wedding

Parental blessing

Having your parents blessing is a great way to start your marriage.

On Sept. 19th, at Saguaro Buttes the bride and groom had their parents come forward at the beginning of the ceremony to give a blessing to their children. It was a very touching expression of love and support.

Alternative to Father giving away the Bride

This can be an alternative to the more traditional “Who gives this woman away to be married”. Instead of the father giving his daughter away, it was both sets of parents giving their children away. The language could go as follows.

Ceremony Wording

Will (mother of the Bride) and (father of the Bride) and (mother of the Groom) and (father of the groom) please come forward and stand. This occasion is a special celebration for you, the parents who brought these children into the world, and nurtured them into adulthood. Today you are witnessing another stage in their lives of your son and daughter. Your continued love and support and encouragement will be needed as ___________ and ____________ unite in marriage. Will you who have loved and nurtured these two, try with greatest love and wisdom you have, to support this new couple and help in every way? (answer: yes)

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