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The Wedding Ring

Wedding RingsWhere did we get the custom of the wedding ring?

It was the pharaohs of ancient Egypt who first perceived the circle as a symbol of eternity, having no beginning and no end.  A plain, round ring they deduced, should therefore symbolize “Love”.

In ancient Rome when a woman’s family pledged her in marriage, the prospective bridegroom sealed the pledge with a ring. In the early Christian era, the wedding ring was so integral to the marriage ceremony that in the seventh century, Isidore of Seville, said that the ring was “given by the spouser to the spoused…to join their hearts by this pledge and that therefore the ring is placed on the fourth finger because a certain vein is said to flow from thence to the heart.” The wedding band—like endless love—has no beginning or end. It’s a symbol worn by a woman and her husband as a visible reminder of the eternal hope, faith, love and joy they’ve placed in one another.

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