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Wedding Florals – Real or Artificial?

Real or ArtificialDeciding on real or artificial wedding flowers can either be easy or difficult depending on your wedding colors. The traditional route with real wedding flowers can make it easy, but if you want extravagant colors, you may find it hard to find the right florist. Not only is there a variety of flowers to choose from, but several different wedding color schemes as well. When going the artificial route, your flowers will last in their “real” looking form forever. With choices of silk, foam and even wood flowers. It’s also beneficial to utilize artificial flowers as they are sure to last through pretty much any type of weather.

However, real wedding flowers can be much more luscious looking. One of the other benefits is that you can smell them for a while and take in the natural beauty of your flowers. Although you can’t always bend the flowers to the direction you want, you can still create floral walls and other designs with them.

The great thing is, no matter which route you take, you can preserve them in many ways. From shadow boxes, dipping them into resin or even displaying them in a case. Rest assured, you can keep your flowers forever no matter which decision you make for your special day. Happy planning, beautiful brides!

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