Writing Your Vows


One of the trends for weddings today is writing your own vows. It has been a trend for sometime, and I personally encourage it when I meet with couples. I think it helps them focus on their new relationship and not just the wedding day festivities.

I like to add a twist to it though, since many couples don’t feel comfortable writing their own vows or reading those vows in public. I ask couples if they would write a paragraph to each other, on what they mean to each other, what they love about each other, and what they would like to say to each other on their wedding day. I ask them not to tell their fiance, until the wedding day.

Then during the ceremony I have the couple face each other and I read what they have written to each other. I like it to be a surprise. This usually is one of the most touching parts of the ceremony. Not all the couples take me up on this but those who do seem to really appreciate it.

One couple wrote about the circumstances that brought them together which were quite remarkable. They truly believed that it was God’s providence that brought them together. Another one wrote about their first date, and some of the humorous things that happened during that date. Others have written about those qualities that they most love and appreciated about each other.

Some tell how the other person changed their lives, and completed them. Each one is different and unique in their own way, and it makes the ceremony very special and personal.

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